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Minutes of SESD Annual Business Meeting
NSTA – Atlanta, GA
April 2, 2004

Present: Laureen Summers, Babette Moeller, Ed Keller Jr., Jeremy Doss, Saul Shenberg, Virginia Stern, Almetta Hall, G.D. Sharma, Sami Kahn

The meeting was called to order and minutes were reviewed and accepted. President Sami Kahn presented her report on the state of SESD.

Report of Secretary, Pro tem John Stiles was reviewed.

Report of Treasurer David Bartlett was reviewed.

Convention Committee Chair Babette Moeller reviewed the costs involved for the convention reception and the Science-Abled Breakfast. The possibility of a reception to be held at the exhibit site rather than the more expensive private room option was discussed. Also, Ed Keller agreed to talk to Carolina Biological for snack money. Babette Moeller was thanked for her outstanding work on organizing the convention programs.

Membership Chair Almetta Hall requested dues from all attendees and discussed her desire to organize a membership drive, particularly utilizing the new website. The suggestion to provide membership flyers at regional meetings for distribution at tables was made and enthusiastically approved.

Newsletter Editor Laureen Summers displayed copies of the most recent GoodNewsletter as she encouraged submissions by members for the upcoming issue. Laureen was thanked for her excellent work on the Newsletter.

The Journal editors, Peter Veronesi and Moira Fallon were thanked in absentia for their fine work on the Journal. Virginia Stern and Laureen Summers of AAAS agreed to have AAAS pay for copying and postage costs for the Journal. They were enthusiastically thanked.

Sami Kahn updated the group on the 2003-04 Scadden Award, which was awarded to Ms. Jean Durrett, 5/6th grade science teacher at Maedgen Elementary School in Lubbock, TX. She would receive the $1,000 award and plaque at the Science-Abled Breakfast on April 3. Sami Kahn asked for volunteers to consider taking on the role of Scadden Chair as Lee Hoffman was unable to fulfill his duties this year.

The new SESD website, designed by Kathey Roberts and her students, was launched for testing purposes. It can be found at www.sesd.info. The suggestion that the site be announced through NSTA Reports was made. The site is currently not adequately accessible. Sami Kahn offered to ask Robin Willner at IBM whether someone there would be willing to review for accessibility. It was agreed that money needs to be raised to support maintenance and design for accessibility. Possible sources to be considered were WGBH National Center for Accessible Technology (Larry Goldberg, Madeline Rothberg), CAST, NEC Foundation, and NSF – Digital Archives. Jeremy Doss agreed to ask some sources for funding.

Vacancies: We currently have a vacancy for Secretary, which is gratefully being filled by John Stiles, pro tem. No one at the meeting agreed to take on this role, but all agreed to solicit interest from others.

CAGS – Sami Kahn discussed some of the outcomes of the 2003 CAGS in Plymouth, MA. This year’s Congress will be held in Bozeman, Montana from 7/7 – 7/10. All were invited to consult NSTA’s website for details. No member committed to represent SESD at this time.

The group supported the idea of a Lifetime Service Award, but agreed that sources for funding must be sought. Segway was mentioned as one possible source. Sami Kahn will draft a letter and share with the group.

Ed Keller Jr. questioned the status of SESD as to whether it is an Associated Group or an Affiliated Group of NSTA. As we are an Associated Group, we do not hold board membership. Sami Kahn and Ed Keller Jr. will revisit the requirements of affiliation. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Sami Kahn.