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2002 Minutes

Science Education for Students with Disabilities
Annual Business Meeting
March 27, 2002
San Diego, California

The meeting was called to order by President John Stiles, at 2:08 p.m. Persons in attendance: John Stiles, Judy Egelston-Dodd, Babette Moeller, Greg Stefanich, Sami Kahn, Erma Hackett, Joyce Gleason

Review of minutes:

Discussion: JED Need to get copy of Treasurer’s report from 2001 and attach to the minutes. No carry-over (cash on hand) – needs to go to Harold Pratt or Caroline (Pres. NSTA) Note: 2001 CAGS….John Stiles was unable to attend…JED attended in his place. Note: Reception to be held at NSTA S.D. 2002 on Thursday, March 28, 2002 with Geerat Vermeij as speaker. Note: Task force was formed. Notes will be passed on to Patti Davidson Babette Moeller made motion to pass minutes as amended. Sami Kahn seconded. Unanimously passed.

JED suggested that we are listed with the NSTA bequests as well as a listing of the bequest language on our brochure. Also, want to include donations on our brochure as an option.

Greg Stefanich moved to approve Treasurer’s Report. Sami Kahn seconded. Unanimously passed.

Publication’s Report: JED reported that Laureen Summers will be here in time to have newsletter ready for breakfast.

Convention Report: Babette Moeller reported that Geerat Vermeij will be here for the breakfast. Reception will be held and several donations were made for door prizes. She reported that door prizes were relatively easy to develop….should continue in the future.

Awards Report: Sami Kahn noted that there was a marked increase in the quality and quantity of award applicants this year, presumably due to the NSTA Reports ad. The Award winner should be included in NSTA book next year……contact Awards Chair at NSTA for deadline. Send in current award winner and picture to NSTA Reports.

Newsletter Report: Newsletter will be available at convention.

Membership Report: John Stiles moved to nominate Dave Bartlett’s extension by acclimation. JED seconded. Unanimously accepted.

Journal Report: Journals are available at convention.

Old Business:

Web Site: J.Stiles moves to create a new website by exploring collaborations and support from other organizations and individuals. JED seconded. Motion voted and carried.

NSTA collaboration: JED suggested collaboration with AETS

JED suggested collaboration with state science chapters, particularly insofar as working with them on convention accessibility. J.Stiles suggested organizing regional conferences by identifying people to be regional liaisons with state conferences. G. Stefanich suggested putting together a good website “package” and possibly including journal abstracts.

B. Moeller suggested encouraging more exposure for SESD through NSTA publications. Sami Kahn and Babette Moeller will approach NSTA publications to encourage a regular column for SESD.

Membership: Slightly down this year. Many teachers are retiring. We send electronic reminder and letter, and get approximately 90% renewal.

Erma Hackett suggested contacting special ed. Teacher prep. College. We will contact CEC to see the cost of the mailing list of directors of special education.

New Business:

CAGS conferences: JED reported on the 2001 CAGS conference. There was no ballot for SESD. They handwrote one for her in order to vote. Judy’s report will be submitted and attached.

Greg Stefanich made motion for Sami Kahn to represent SESD at the 2002 CAGS conference. JED seconded. Motion passed. Funding will be provided as per past

Jan Davies resignation as bibliography coordinator is accepted with regrets and thanks for a job well done. Babette Moeller seconded. Motion passed.

Motion made by John Stiles that bibliography coordinator position is consolidated into the web site coordinator position. Babette Moeller seconded. Motion passed.

Nomination, membership, newsletter, convention, publication are the current standing committees. John Stiles proposed the creation of a sixth standing committee, the Awards Committee, to be responsible for the Scadden Award, as well as any future awards. This proposed amendment will be published in the Newsletter in advance of next year’s convention and voted on at the convention.

Reception 2003: John Stiles suggested the possibility of a “presidential suite” which will be used for meetings and the reception.

John Stiles moved that SESD’s 2003 reception be held in a suite in Philadelphia which will double as a room for the incoming president and a meeting room. Erma Hackett seconded. Motion carried.

Cosponsorship of AAPT meeting in Madison, Wisconsin in 2003. In response to a letter from Betty Preece, JED made a motion to collaborate with AAPT to cosponsor their August 2-6, 2003 confrerence. John Stiles seconded. Motion carried. Judy volunteered to attend the conference. John will contact Betty Preece to confirm.

A discussion of SESD sponsored workshops on a fee-for-service basis ensued. The workshops could be connected with a university. UNI has agreed to participate. We will create an ad hoc committee by sending information to membership.

The suggestion of a Distinguished Service Award was made. This award would be sponsored by SESD to recognize lifetime service and career achievement.

ESD will consider ways of increasing diversity in the membership and officers.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sami Kahn, President-Elect, SESD