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Annual Business Meeting
March 22, 2001
St. Louis, Missouri

The meeting was called to order by Judy Egelston-Dodd, President, at 3:18 p.m. Persons in attendance: Judy Egelston-Dodd, John Stiles, Ed Keller, Jr., Dave Bartlett, Laureen Summers, Greg Stefanich, Babette Moeller, Saul Shenberg, Karen Milhaus, Patti Davidson and guest Zach Davidson. The minutes of the last meeting were unavailable at this time. Treasurer’s Report was filed by Dave Bartlett, Treasurer, as follows: Income: $931.00, Expenses $698.13 Balance: $1830.85. Treasurers report was approved and filed.

ORDER OF BUSINESS: Nomination and Election of President-Elect John Stiles, President elect, assumed the role of President of SESD for the upcoming two year term. Judy Egelston-Dodd turned the gavel over to new President. Nominations for President elect for the next term were in order. John Stiles nominated member Sami Kahn. A vote of consensus was made by Judy. Sami Kahn will assume the role of President-elect. John Stiles, President, presented a plaque to Judy for her service to SESD as President, along with thanks from all of the members for her dedication to the organization.

OLD BUSINESSMembership: Members expressed a concern about a possible drop in membership due to many of the organizations membership reaching retirement age. Current membership stands at 101. Ideas were discussed with regard to improving membership. President John Stiles proposed a Membership Task Force (ad hoc committee) to discuss strategies, one of which would include, increasing membership. This committee would operate via the Internet. John would solicit members to join this task force. A goal for membership was discussed: 300 members in 3 years.
Web Site for SESD: Concern regarding easy accessibility to the SESD website. It was decided to explore the possibility of direct access. Ed Keller will explore the cost of direct access for the web site.
E-Mail Distribution List: All e-mail addresses need to be clear and concise. They also need to be updated regularly so as not to lose contact with members. If a members e-mail address changes please notify SESD. Multicultural Committee: The word "equity" was added to the title of Multicultural Committee, by NSTA to read "Multicultural/Equity Committee. Newsletter Editor: Discussion regarding where does editor position fit? Laureen Summers volunteered to assume the responsibility of compiling the newsletter. Any submissions for the newsletter should be forward to Laureen either by e-mail (lsummers@aaas.org) or AAAS, 1200 New York N.W. Washington, DC 20005.

REPORT OF COMMITTEES: Membership/Awards Committee: Sami Kahn submitted a report by e-mail which included concerns regarding membership numbers. Sami also included remarks about the number of qualified applicants that were submitted for consideration for the Larry Scadden Award. The Larry Scadden Award will be presented this year to Charlene Counsell at the Awards Breakfast. Newsletter Committee: The committee submits two newsletters a year, in September and again in January. ANY articles to be submitted, please forward to Laureen Summers. Convention Committee: The committee reported there will be two speakers at the breakfast on Saturday, Joe Accongio, and Ed Keller, Jr. Laureen asked to be released as chairperson of this committee. John will work on a replacement.
Publication Committee: Many top quality articles have been submitted for review.

NEW BUSINESS: CAGS Conference: Sami Kahn attended this past year. The CAGS Conference will be held July 12-15, 2001, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Greg Stefanich made the motion: " I make a motion John Stiles will represent SESD at the CAGS Conference to include a stipend of $300.00, with Judy Egelston-Dodd as alternate." Karen Milhaus seconded. Motion voted on and carried. PRESIDENT’S GOALS: SESD Task Force - John proposed a task force be created to electronically discuss ways of touching bases on special education issues and also to discuss membership concerns. SESD - sponsored theme and summit - create a group of people to come together to discuss issues such as: a. grant applications and, b. funding a summer camp for kids. SESD - geographical area coordinators - to touch bases with, and work to increase membership in their geographical areas. SESD - reception for members during the NSTA conference was discussed

It was noted next year the SESD conference will be held in San Diego, California. Finding no further business, Judy made a motion: "I move the meeting be adjourned". John seconded. Voted on and carried. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Patti Davidson, Secretary