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2006 Science-Abled Breakfast Meeting

The science-abled breakfast meeting, conducted at the annual conventions of the National Science Teacher Association, is an event that brings together teachers of disabled students, parents, science educators and scientists. At this meeting we will recognize the recipients of the Lifetime Service Award for Outstanding Contributions in Science Education for Students with Disabilities and the Lawrence Scadden Teacher of the Year Awards. The meeting also features presentations that highlight the educational experiences of scientists with disabilities and their contributions to science.

In April 2006 our featured speaker was Paul-John To, a computer scientist at IBM in Lenexa, Kansas. He is a recent graduate of California State Polytechnic University, and former ENTRY POINT! Program intern.

His presentation was entitled: "Living with Tourette Syndrome in an Educational Atmosphere". During his talk, John-Paul To gave an overview of his journey through college, graduate school, and his experience as an IBM intern. He highlighted his struggle to succeed in spite of his life-long disability, what he has done to cope, and the individuals and organizations that gave him support.

Paul-John To and his mother.